Rugged Computer Tablets

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North American distributor for Public Safety/Transportation for the rugged Computer tablets, offering a 20 hour battery.

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Rugged Tablets for Safety Vehicles and Transportation industry - Québec, Canada

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RuggON, with decades of ruggedized mobile solution expertise strives to improve productivity in harsh environments.

RuggPAD Products

RuggON RuggPad Rextorm PX-501 Tablet Emergency Vehicles - Québec, Canada

Rextorm PX501

10.1" Fully Rugged Tablet

The new PX501 has considerably more utility functions, making it as powerful as ever but enriched like never before.

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RuggVMC Products

Rugg Vehicle Computer Mount VX-601 Rugged Terminal - Québec, Canada

RuggVMC VX-601

12.1” Rugged Vehicle Terminal

VX-601 gives the finest balance of tough and performance for intralogistics and cold chain logistics.

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Rugg VMC MT-7000 Vehicle Computer Mount - Québec, Canada

RuggVMC MT7000

7” Mobile Data Terminal

Combining friendly and intuitive interface with vehicle connectivity and power, MT7000 is a purpose-built device for in-vehicle application.

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