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In-Vehicle Computer Mounting Solutions

Since 1996, Rossbro specializes in developing vehicle rugged computer mounting solutions, for ambulance service providers, fire dept. police dept., transit-paratransit bus operators-manufacturers, throughout North America.

Rossbro is also distributor to hospitals, long term care and assisted living residences with products designed to reduce back lifting injuries for health care workers, paramedics, firemen.

About the Company

ROSSBRO performs on a no-cost basis, evaluation of in-vehicle solutions, for accessory, rugged computer/tablet mounts, or a client’s special request, to which an existing product/solution is not readily available.

We design and manufacture ambulance, fire truck, police vehicle, rugged laptop/tablet mounts, the most ergonomic, user friendly in the industry. We offer the VCM-15 mount, US Patent # 1, 807, 727 along with our VLM-08 models.

Over 14,000 North American buses of all models now use the Rossbro DSU on a daily basis. They may be retrofitted for new accessories being added for driver reach.

We offer quality fleet vehicles iPad/ Samsung/Panasonic powered docking stations/covers along with our mounts.

Note: using the name iPhone/Samsung,/ does not imply, approved or promoted by either name.

ROSSBRO manufactures transit/paratransit bus, accessory dash sliding unit, (Patented) which consolidates driver’s critical accessories, such as M.D.T., Keypads, Telephone Hang up Cups, Two Way Radios, GPS, iPads, tablets etc. conveniently, safely within the driver’s reach on the sliding dash sliding unit. Once seated, the driver simply pulls or pushes the DSU-(DASH SLIDING UNIT)-, to where, he or she can easily and safely access the required accessories, while remaining squarely seated, with arms and shoulders in a comfortable position, reducing back and shoulder injuries.

Dodge Charger Police Keyboard Articulating Arm

Will Fit All Vehicle Makes

Vehicle Computer Articulating Arm

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VCM-15, Vehicle Computer Mount for ambulances, fire/rescue, armed forces, and utility vehicles - Rossbro - Québec, Canada

Vehicle Computer Mount (VCM-15)

U.S. Patent #8,104,727

Introducing the world’s only automatic self- locking computer mount in the industry. The most user/friendly, designed to be used with one hand, tilts, swivels, adjust forward or back to reach dash controls and clear air bag deployment.

Designed for larger vehicles such as ambulances, fire/rescue, armed forces, and utility vehicles.

Any make of rugged laptop/tablet and docking station may be mounted to the VCM-15.

VLM-08 Vehicle Laptop Mount and Computer Rail Sliders, compact, user-friendly and high-tech design - Rossbro - Québec, Canada

Vehicle Computer Mounts and Rail Sliders (VLM-08)

A unique support in its class which adapts to the majority of rugged laptop/tablet computers and docking stations.

The VLM-08 allows quick and easy orientation on the horizontal and vertical planes or on a rotation axis.

DSU - Bus Dash Sliding Unit, safe easy and quick to use driver accessory - Rossbro - Québec, Canada

Accessory Dash Sliding Unit (DSU)

The DSU-(accessory dash sliding unit) - was designed to consolidate and centralize all critical driver accessories required, while remaining safely seated, easily and quickly.

Your driver accessories, whether mobile data terminals, farebox keypads, it controls, telephone handset cradles, two way radio heads, etc., are mounted to the Rossbro DSU, all in one location. Once the driver is seated, he pulls down on the DSU handle freeing the unit to slide towards or away from him/her, until they can safely reach the mounted and centralised accessories, while remaining squarely seated, the releases the DSU handle locking it in position.

Products Distributed

Binder Lift, a corset type lift designed for fallen patients/residents - Rossbro - Québec, Canada

Binder Lift

A corset type lift designed for fallen patients/residents. Finally, paramedics, healthcare workers in hospitals, long term care residences,EMS and firemen have a unique tool toassist the lifting of fallen patients in a dignified manner for the patient, while saving on back injuries.

Raizer, simple battery operated mobile lifting chair - Rossbro - Québec, Canada

Raizer by Liftup

The Raizer is the world’s only fallen person lift, designed to safely raise a fallen patient/person with respect, dignity, while reducing associated back lifting injuries for the health care workers. Designed for private and LTC homes, assisted living residences, nursing homes, hospitals, EMS and fire dept.

Havis Console, vehicle computer mounts/docking stations, for all makes/models of rugged laptops/tablets - Rossbro - Québec, Canada


Vehicle computer mounts/docking stations, for all makes/models of rugged laptops/tablets, including iPad and Samsung.

D&R Electronics, Vehicle rugged computer mounts/docking stations - Rossbro - Québec, Canada

D&R Electronics

Vehicle rugged computer mounts/docking stations.

Rugged Computer Tablets - Rossbro - Québec, Canada

Rossbro Rugged Computers

Ruggon Canadian Distributor

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