Most ergonomic and user-friendly vehicle computer mount

Since 1996, Rossbro specializes in developing vehicle rugged computer mounting solutions, for ambulance service providers, fire dept. police.

About the company

ROSSBRO performs on a no-cost basis, evaluation of in-vehicle solutions, for accessory, rugged computer/tablet mounts, or a client’s special request, to which an existing product/solution is not readily available.
We design and manufacture ambulance, fire truck, police vehicle, rugged laptop/tablet mounts, the most ergonomic, user friendly in the industry. We offer the RACA-C9 mount, US Patent along with our VLM-08 models.

Our reach

Over 17,000 North American vehicles of all models now use the Rossbro DSU on a daily basis. They may be retrofitted for new accessories being added for driver reach.

We offer quality fleet vehicles iPad / Samsung / Panasonic powered docking stations / covers along with our mounts.
Note: using the name iPhone / Samsung,/ does not imply, approved or promoted by either name.

Manufacturing and Distribution

In-Vehicle Computer Mounting Solutions

ROSSBRO manufactures transit/paratransit bus, accessory dash sliding unit, (Patented) which consolidates driver’s critical accessories, such as M.D.T., Keypads, Telephone Hang up Cups, Two Way Radios, GPS, iPads, tablets etc. conveniently, safely within the driver’s reach on the sliding dash sliding unit.

Once seated, the driver simply pulls or pushes the DSU-(DASH SLIDING UNIT)-, to where, he or she can easily and safely access the required accessories, while remaining squarely seated, with arms and shoulders in a comfortable position, reducing back and shoulder injuries