RACA F9 (Floor Mount)


REDUCE user back/neck/shoulder STRAINS - WITH THE ROSSBRO RACA!

Introducing the world’s only automatic self-locking computer mount in the industry.
The most user/friendly, designed to be used with ONE HAND, tilts, swivels, adjust forward or back to reach dash controls and clear air bag deployment.

RACA-F9 Computer/Keyboard Articulating Arm (Floor Mount)

Will Fit All Vehicle Makes

Note ergonomic positioning of the laptop direct if front of user, for comfortable and safe manipulation.

Articulating Computer Arm mounted in a supervisor vehicle - Québec, Canada
Ergonomic Computer Floor Mounting Solutions - Québec, Canada

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Product Details

Once the user has manipulated to the required reach and comfort, simply release the handle and automatically it locks into that position, quickly and safely within seconds. The articulating arm joints may lock (AUTOMATICALLY) at any 10 degree rotation for safety, and to prevent accident drop or slippage from road vibration.

The mount is able to be adjusted from driver position or from user in the passenger seat.

The Rossbro Patented RACA-C/F9 has been designed and manufactured from client feedback requesting a more user/friendly vehicle rugged computer mount with less locking/unlocking handles, quicker to adjust with only one hand, while being safely manipulated into position, with automatic locking features.

All of the above requirements have been fulfilled through many years of design/testing and field trials.

Though it has been designed for vehicle rugged computers, other accessories such as radars, screen monitors and scientific equipment of high value requiring a safe user mount with automatic locking feature.

For safety in mind, the Patented Variloc articulating arm joints are used, which may be locked at any 10 degree increments. The Variloc units are also used in military, hospital, aerospace, medical, EMS application.

The RACA-C/F9 is truly the world’s most user-friendly vehicle computer mount, offering a one hand operation, with safety and automatic locking feature.


1. I want to change laptop or tablet model and the weight is different; can I still use the mounts as is?


2. May I use other accessories aside from a computer on the RACA-C/F9?

Yes, we can adapt the top surface support for many other accessories. Contact our engineering department.

3. What is the warranty of the RACA-C/F9?

3 years

4. I would like to equip my entire fleet; do you offer any kind of training for proper use and maintenance?

Yes we do.

5. Can we send one of our maintenance technicians to your location for training?


6. We have many models of vehicles, how can we assure your unit will fit all?

Our specialty is consulting with fleets to arrive at the best mounting solutions for all vehicle types, quickly with prototype solutions at hand.