Vehicle Computer Mount - 15

(U.S. PATENT # 8,104,727)

Introducing the world’s only automatic
self- locking computer mount in the industry

The most user/friendly, designed to be used with ONE HAND, tilts, swivels, adjust forward or back to reach dash controls and clear air bag deployment.

Designed for larger vehicles such as ambulances, fire/rescue, armed forces, and utility vehicles.

Any make of rugged laptop/tablet and docking station may be mounted to the VCM-15.

Product Details

Once the user has manipulated to the required reach and comfort, simply release the handle and automatically it locks into that position, quickly and safely within seconds. The articulating arm joints may lock (AUTOMATICALLY) at any 10 degree rotation for safety, and to prevent accident drop or slippage from road vibration.

The mount is able to be adjusted from driver position or from user in the passenger seat.

The Rossbro Patented VCM-15 has been designed and manufactured from client feedback requesting a more user/friendly vehicle rugged computer mount with less locking/unlocking handles, quicker to adjust with only one hand, while being safely manipulated into position, with automatic locking features.

All of the above requirements have been fulfilled through many years of design/testing and field trials.

Though it has been designed for vehicle rugged computers, other accessories such as radars, screen monitors and scientific equipment of high value requiring a safe user mount with automatic locking feature.

For safety in mind, the Patented Variloc articulating arm joints are used, which may be locked at any 10 degree increments. The Variloc units are also used in military, hospital, aerospace, medical, EMS application.

The VCM-15 is truly the world’s most user-friendly vehicle computer mount, offering a one hand operation, with safety and automatic locking feature.

VCM-15, Vehicle Computer Mount, side view of a mount, for ambulance, police car, firetruck or bus - Rossbro - Québec, Canada
VCM-15 Vehicle Computer Mount, user-friendly, easy, quick and safe to use - Rossbro - Québec, Canada

User Operator Guidelines

  1. Place your hand around the round front handle, then twist the handle forward while holding a gentle forward pressure when moving the mount in different positions.
    The side gas cylinders provided with your VCM-15 has been chosen to fit with the given weight of your computer and laptop with or without docking station. You will note without the weight of the computer/docking, it manipulates differently, which is normal. We recommend practicing without the computer installed. Then after cycling a number of times, install the computer to the docking to once more go through the motions of adjusting to various user positions.
    If you have many users to be trained, we highly recommend ordering a set of our trainer cylinders, which reduces the manipulation of the mount; it will allow users to get a quicker grasp of how to manipulate in all directions.

  2. In the beginning it will take a few minutes to get accustomed to various pressures required to manipulate the mount in different directions, this is normal.

  3. While applying the forward twist to the handle with steady forward pressure at the same time on the handle, in order for the Variloc joints to remain open, very slowly move the mount forward and back to get the sensation of how it feels, then once more very slowly manipulate the mount in all directions. We suggest you practice this without the computer in the docking, and after with the computer installed in the docking station.

  4. When you have attained the desired user position, slowly release the handle, you might hear a ‘CLICK’ sound and notice very slight movement, (THIS IS NORMAL)-it is caused by the Variloc joint hinges finding its closest 10 degree increments for the locking pins to enter the holes. All will lock automatically.

  5. To swivel the mount to the left or right, simply turn in the desired direction and let go. The swivel motion has no locking levers, it works by pressure which may be adjusted for more or less tension while being used.


  • Manipulate slowly and without any exertion of force of any kind.
  • Assure VCM-15 is properly and safely fastened to the floor mount or center console before use.
  • Daily, before each use visually confirm for any oil leakage from side cylinder and appropriate tightness of all attach points.
  • Do assure all have been trained on its use.
  • Contact us as soon as possible with any seen defects.


  • Do not at any time lubricate any parts of the mount.
  • Do not apply undue force while manipulating. If force is required, adjust per instructions. If you still have difficulty, call or return to us for trouble shooting.
  • Do not let any unauthorised or untrained people play with the mount, it is not a toy. It was designed to be used with proper instruction and manipulation, for safety and long life cycle.
  • Do not operate with malfunctioning side cylinders.
  • Do not attempt to hit with a hammer or other objects to adjust or manipulate.


1. The articulating arm joints do not seem to unlock/lock as it should, they seem to stick.

On the left front corner of the round handle, you will see a small stainless steel round knurled wheel, assure it is tightened against the handle as far as it can be. If it is, then unloosen and adjust the screw (which cable goes through) about 1/16th of an inch or 3mm, and retighten the knurled wheel. Repeat this procedure and retry a few times to adjust. If the above does not work, then go to step # 2. Note if you have space between the side adjustment arm plate on the right hand side (this is the flat piece which sits against both articulating arm joints). This arm plate may be too loose or too tight against both Variloc articulating arm joints. For proper functioning it should barely be flush with the upper and lower joints. If not, you may adjust by loosening both cap screws at the rear of the joints; this will allow you to adjust the side plate to sit flush but not tight to each arm joint. Once you have this accomplished, simply retighten both screws at the rear of the center block.

2. How can I adjust the swivel tension?

Remove both bottom cylinder brackets (2 screws par bracket), use an allen key. Slowly slide each bracket and cylinder away from its base, be careful as not to scratch the base. Then you will see two Phillip scews holding the bottom Variloc arm into the base bushing support; remove both screws with the proper Phillip screwdriver. Pull out the base from the Variloc arm, you may have to pull and twist to pull it out. Once it is out of the base, use the supplied nut socket with your ratchet and extension to insert the socket into the base of the bushing, now use a allen key to hold the allen screw at the very bottom of the base fastening both the base to the swivel plate, while tightening the inside nut with your ratchet to the desired tension. Confirm the tension by twisting to the left and right, before reinserting the Variloc arm joint. To reinstall, simply reverse the above directions.

3. How do I replace a broken cable?

Order a new one.

4. The side cylinder has been bent or leaking?

It has to be replaced.

5. I want to change laptop or tablet model and the weight is different; can I still use the mounts as is?

Advise us of the make/model of new computer along with weight, we will then assure you have the appropriate side cylinders for your new application.

6. May I use other accessories aside from a computer on the VCM-15?

Yes, we can adapt the top surface support for many other accessories. Contact our engineering department.

7. What is the warranty of the VCM-15?

12 months on the unit, 6 months for the side cylinders.

8. I would like to equip my entire fleet; do you offer any kind of training for proper use and maintenance?

Yes we do.

9. Can we send one of our maintenance technicians to your location for training?


10. We have many models of vehicles, how can we assure your unit will fit all?

Our specialty is consulting with fleets to arrive at the best mounting solutions for all vehicle types, quickly with prototype solutions at hand.